Commercial cleaning

If you have a small office, chances are you don't have your own cleaning staff. Hiring a full-time employee would be a waste of money, and the few hours a week you need someone to come in are not particularly tempting in this job market. You may think you are getting by with having your employees handle the janitorial work, but chances are visitors to your office are seeing something much different. Here are five areas that you are overlooking that are making your office look unkept.


Look at the jambs of your doors and light switch panels in your offices. Doorways are common employee hangout spots. Ink, dirt and food build up slowly and often go unnoticed by office staff, but not by visitors.


Do you know when the last time someone dusted your vents was? In some offices, the answer is never. Not only are the wads of dust unsightly, they also contribute to allergies – making your workers less productive.

Chair Rails & Fixtures

Just look at that dust! Even if you don't notice it, your clients do. Grungy light fixtures, dusty chair rails and muddy kickplates are some of the first things noticed by clients trapped in your reception area.

Carpet Odors

If you've ever noticed a bit of a smell, chances are it is even more noticeable to someone who isn't in your office every day. These odors are often caused by unmaintained carpets and upholstery.


Just wiping down the seat and bowl isn't enough. The accumulation of urine and debris around the base of the toilet is common, and often overlooked. You also need to make sure the hinges of your lids are kept clean if you don't want to offend your guests.

Small things build up over time, slipping under your radar. Your clients come into your office with fresh eyes. Hiring a cleaning contractor can be an affordable and flexible solution to keeping everybody happy. Contact Calgary Trusted Cleaners online or by phone at 403-464-4049 for a service quote today.