Landlord & Property Management Cleaning Services

Owning and maintaining rental properties is time-consuming and stressful. Maintenance and repairs, issues with tenants and a never-ending stream of bills can leave you exhausted – physically, financially and emotionally.

For many landlords, their rental business is a one-man show and keeping up with everything can mean putting in long hours to keep it on the road. If this sounds like you, a commercial cleaning service can reduce the time and effort you are investing in your properties with flexible and timely service options that cater to your business.

Moving On

Even when your best tenants move out, it isn't unusual for them to leave behind a mess. Fortunately, cleaning services can be deducted from their deposit. The purpose of a security deposit is to pay for damages beyond normal wear and tear. While you cannot use that money to replace the aging carpet, you can use those funds to have the unit professionally cleaned.


Cleaning up after renovation projects can be time-consuming. Drywall dust, paint spills and debris are a byproduct of maintaining your units. Having a professional cleaning company in to perform renovation cleaning and prepare the house for move in can let you focus on finding the right tenant to hand over the keys too.

Keeping your properties clean is only your job if you chose to make it. Calgary Trusted Cleaners offers rental unit cleaning services designed with you in mind. Contact them today online or by phone at 403.464.4049 for more information regarding commercial cleaning services that can help reduce your workload and get you back on track.