It’s hard to keep a clear head if you’re working in an office that’s a mess. Offices are high-traffic areas. Workers walk in and out, tracking in dirt from outdoors and bringing in trash from food they have brought in.

And because office workers find themselves caught up in work, they’re not likely to spend too much time thinking about cleaning up after themselves constantly. Of course they’ll throw their lunch in the designated trash cans and they may even stop to wipe the bottom of their shoes on the carpet before entering the office.

But what about the spills and stains? And who throws away the trash that starts to pile up? And who cleans the carpet where the dirt has collected from the number of people who have tracked in mud and other elements from the outdoors?

You may have a professional cleaning service that does the heavy cleaning like windows, toilets, and carpet cleaning. But there are ways that your employees can keep the office clean on a day-to-day basis.

To keep your office clean, you need to have a cleaning plan in place and everyone in the office should be aware of it.  Here are some items that should be on your office cleaning plan that will help you maintain an office that is clean and clutter-free:

 Keep a Clear Desk

Some offices have a strict policy about the extent that they can personalize their workspaces. And while decorating your cubicle is fine, it would be ideal if it weren’t cluttered with unnecessary items like paper piles and old pens. 

Clean Monitors, Keyboards and Phones Regularly

If you clean your computer screen, keyboards, and phone on a schedule, it won’t collect dirt and dust. Remind employees to keep a cloth handy or a small brush that can get between the cracks between keys on a keyboard and phone.

Throw Trash Away Responsibly

You’d assume that this is a given but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t know how to properly throw away trash. In fact, some office managers have reported finding trash in office worker’s desk drawers.

And despite many offices having rules against it, employees have been known to sneak in snacks and eat lunch right at their desk. If your office is not strict about people eating at their desks, they should be reminded to clean up after themselves. If they’re throwing up their trash in their bins, they should also be emptying the out regularly, especially if there is any leftover food in it that could start to smell.

Not only will a clean workplace that is well-maintained motivate employees to be more productive, but it will also leave visitors and clients with a positive impression of your business. A professional cleaning company can complement your employees’ good habits by doing all the heavy cleaning. Together, you can ensure the maintenance of a tidy work environment you can all be proud of.

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