Calgary Maid Service

Nowadays, it's certainly not just the rich and famous enjoying the benefits of maid service. Though sometimes viewed as a luxury, for many it's becoming more of a necessity. Here's why you should consider jumping on board:

1. Your calendar is too full. Take a peek at your weekly to-do list. Are you overwhelmed at just the site of it? With the meetings, appointments and day-to-day life in general, life can be a lot to handle.

2. You need to see your kids. Instead of having a brief conversation as you both tote bags of garbage to the outside can, wouldn't it be great to share some real quality time with your child? Do the basic straightening and let someone else afford you some relaxing family time. 

3. Getting ready for a gathering is stressful enough. You know you want your home spotless for this weekend's family event, but when will you be able to dust the ceiling fan, wipe the cat hair off the lamp shades and scrub the kitchen sink til it shines? If we're being real, you probably won't. You may find yourself turning the shade to the less hairy side and turning the fans on so no one notices the dust. We have a better idea - spend time on those perfect decorations and scrumptious menus and leave the rest to us.

4. Because you need a sanctuary. Home should be a relaxing place where you take refuge after a long day at the office or of carting children from activity to activity. Walking into a dirty, disorganized home adds stress to your life, and we've all heard lately about the negative effects of stress on your health. When you have a maid service, you come home to a clean house, allowing you to relax. It'll do a body so good you might be able to skip your evening glass of wine. Well, maybe you don't want to go that far.

5. It's more affordable than you think. Add up all the hours you would normally spend cleaning your house. Consider what you could be doing in that time and other areas that could be more productive. Is it really worth it to spend your precious time cleaning? We have affordable rates that can't be beat.

If you're ready to bring some zen into your life, contact us. We'll discuss your needs and find the service schedule that's just right for you.