Study Says Hiring a Maid Service Can Make You Happier

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A recent study suggests that you can buy happiness after all, especially if you're using your money to make time saving purchases like hiring a maid service. See why buying yourself more free time is a wise choice.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School surveyed more than 6,000 adults from Canada, the United States, Denmark and the Netherlands. They found that people who outsourced tasks they don't like reported greater life satisfaction.

On the other hand, even though having someone else clean your house can make you happier, you may be resisting the idea. Researchers found that only 2% of people would use an unexpected windfall to buy such services rather than material goods.

Obviously, many of us feel like we're being lazy if we skip certain chores or we create expectations that we have to do a task just because we’re capable of doing it ourselves. Instead, why not focus on spending your money in a way that gives you the most rewards? There's nothing lazy or irresponsible about having a maid service if it gives you time for activities you value more like playing with your children, continuing your education, volunteering in your community, developing your hobbies, or just giving yourself the down time you need to manage stress and safeguard your health.

If you've been thinking about a maid service but holding yourself back, go ahead and start making yourself happier and more fulfilled today. Calgary Trusted Cleaners is the solution to all your residential and commercial cleaning needs. Contact us for a quote today.

Residential Cleaning: Make Your Move A Lot Less Stressful

Move in / move out cleaning

It's moving day and you've got a million and one things to get done, and cleaning is the part you dread the most. Of course, if you rent, you want your security deposit back and if you're selling, you want your home to look amazing for prospective buyers, but who has the time and money to do all of that? Getting your old home into like-new condition again is a heavy task for the average Joe, but lucky for us there are professionally trained and highly qualified cleaning services in the world. Here are three reasons hiring a team of experts is a complete life saver when making a big move.

Have National Funnel Cake Day Every Day!

Everybody loves carnival food, especially funnel cake, and it only makes sense to learn how you can make it yourself so you can enjoy confectionery perfection all year long. It sounds amazing, you're right, but taking all that glucose-induced enthusiasm to your kitchen can create quite the greasy splash, and now that you've nearly put yourself into a sugar coma, a spot clean will have to do. Add up all the times you've rinsed and repeated this process and you've got an incredible amount of build-up to deal with on moving day. Who wants to do that when there are more treats that need to be had? Munch on, and let the professionals handle it.

Take a Deep Breath and Namaste Already!

You're a yoga guru and there's nothing better than aligning those chakras before settling into the new yurt, but your old abode is really bringing down your vibes because the landlord says you need to have the place sparkling clean to get your deposit back. This can be a real bummer, especially considering you've already lost out on valuable meditation time dealing with all the other aspects of your move. Nama-stay calm, and position yourself for success by contacting a professional cleaning service.

Even Scrooge McDuck Would be Impressed!

If your dream of diving into a vault filled with gold and money bags is quickly floating away due to the already huge expense of moving, adding on the high cost of cleaning supplies would completely obliterate your chances. Wouldn't it be quacktastic if you could save money and have all that cleaning done properly? Seriously, a cleaning service is very affordable and incredibly worthwhile as they already have all the supplies needed and the skillset to get a whole house deep clean.

Stress is an unfortunate part of life, but when it comes to moving, the time and money involved can be astronomical, and that is enough to send anybody over the edge. Don't let the stress of getting a thorough and deep cleaning be one of them. So, go ahead and make those funnel cakes, take all that extra time to de-stress, and watch those money bags grow while a professionally trained cleaning service does the rest.  Contact us today!

5 Reasons Why You Owe It to Yourself to Hire a Maid Service

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Nowadays, it's certainly not just the rich and famous enjoying the benefits of maid service. Though sometimes viewed as a luxury, for many it's becoming more of a necessity. Here's why you should consider jumping on board:

1. Your calendar is too full. Take a peek at your weekly to-do list. Are you overwhelmed at just the site of it? With the meetings, appointments and day-to-day life in general, life can be a lot to handle.

2. You need to see your kids. Instead of having a brief conversation as you both tote bags of garbage to the outside can, wouldn't it be great to share some real quality time with your child? Do the basic straightening and let someone else afford you some relaxing family time. 

3. Getting ready for a gathering is stressful enough. You know you want your home spotless for this weekend's family event, but when will you be able to dust the ceiling fan, wipe the cat hair off the lamp shades and scrub the kitchen sink til it shines? If we're being real, you probably won't. You may find yourself turning the shade to the less hairy side and turning the fans on so no one notices the dust. We have a better idea - spend time on those perfect decorations and scrumptious menus and leave the rest to us.

4. Because you need a sanctuary. Home should be a relaxing place where you take refuge after a long day at the office or of carting children from activity to activity. Walking into a dirty, disorganized home adds stress to your life, and we've all heard lately about the negative effects of stress on your health. When you have a maid service, you come home to a clean house, allowing you to relax. It'll do a body so good you might be able to skip your evening glass of wine. Well, maybe you don't want to go that far.

5. It's more affordable than you think. Add up all the hours you would normally spend cleaning your house. Consider what you could be doing in that time and other areas that could be more productive. Is it really worth it to spend your precious time cleaning? We have affordable rates that can't be beat.

If you're ready to bring some zen into your life, contact us. We'll discuss your needs and find the service schedule that's just right for you.