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Allergies, Asthma, & Pets

House Pet

Earlier this year, after several months of mysterious ailments, I was diagnosed with an allergy to dogs. I have two beloved fur-children (Maltese Yorkies, supposedly ‘hypoallergenic’ – I’ve since learned there is really no such thing) and before these two I had a purebred Maltese for 10 years, so I was completely shocked at the diagnosis. This allergy had started with allergic rhinitis, which led to nasal polyps, which led to asthma, which revealed itself in a chronic acute cough that had many medical professionals stymied for a very long time. As I was not about to re-home my dogs (pet-lovers will be nodding knowingly, non-pet-lovers will be shaking their heads incredulously), I chose environmental adjustments.

First of all, I called in the professionals and had all my carpets cleaned, my blinds cleaned, and my windows cleaned, inside and out. I bumped up my vacuuming schedule from ‘whenever I couldn’t make out the colour of the carpet’ to ‘daily’. And this is the very hard task – I made my bedroom a ‘no dog zone’. After an insultingly short time, Gracie and Koda seem to have adjusted to the new sleeping arrangements. Better than I have, actually – but I each time I reach down in the middle of the night to find them missing from alongside me, I remind myself that it’s much preferable to the alternative of having to give them up altogether.

Pets are a big part of many Canadian families. Unfortunately, so are allergies and asthma. Keeping our cleaning services Calgary and as free as possible of dust and pet dander go a long way to ensuring a healthy, happy co-existence.


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Spring Forward

Spring Cleaning

When we move our clocks forward each March to save daylight, we are reminded that spring is just around the corner and so is spring cleaning.  Chances are your home is ready for a thorough cleaning after the busy winter holidays, parties, house guests, and full schedules. We know home owners are busy with family, work, and recreation. We recommend you try to take just10 minutes a day to give bathroom counters, sinks and toilets a quick clean, as well as kitchen appliances, counters and sink a quick wipe. But we also know that a full home cleaning is a much bigger job.

 At Calgary Trusted Cleaners, we are ready to provide you with professional house cleaning services.  Whether it is interior or exterior windows, floors, carpets, bathrooms, kitchens, even your furnace ducts, we provide full professional home cleaning services.  Take a look around your home and remember that with more daylight, you will want your blinds and drapes open more.  Are your windows clean, or are they covered with winter grime?  Do your carpets look dull with new stains?  Do your bathrooms and kitchens need that thorough, sparkling clean that you don't have time to do?  Here's the thing about bathrooms and kitchens.  These high traffic rooms are havens for built up dirt, grime, grease and bacteria.  Our reliable, professional home cleaners use environmentally-friendly "green" cleaning products which clean safely and completely.  We leave behind sanitized, polished surfaces and a fresh clean smell.  For all your springcleaning needs, call Calgary Trusted Cleaners for honest, friendly reliable home cleaning services. Spring forward with a clean home!  We'll provide you with a FREE QUOTE - Call today: 403-464-4049.

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