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Why you need to strip & wax commercial floors?

Floor Wax & Stripping

Floors are an essential part of the look and appearance of your office building or facility.  They provide an important first impression.  When they are faded, cracking, worn out or just dirty, it reflects negatively on your company or facility.  When it is time for commercial floors to be stripped and waxed, you need professionals to do it properly and achieve the results you are seeking.

Commercial floor stripping involves the right technique and product to ensure this key step results in floors that are fully prepared to take a new coat of wax.  They have to thoroughly washed and rinsed before being stripped, and then stripped with the right process.  For a large floor, water needs to be changed frequently to ensure clean water is used for rinsing.

Commercial floor stripping requires the right equipment such as auto scrubbers, and thorough attention to stripping built up wax in corners, stairs, and along floorboards.  Finally waxing commercial floors efficiently with clean mops and a high quality wax product will complete the work and go a long way to turning an old, tired-looking floor into a bright, shiny new one.

At Calgary Trusted Cleaners, we provide commercial cleaning services which include commercial floor stripping and waxing.  Our professional cleaners use very high quality stripper, auto scrubbers, wax mops, wax, and buffers, so that floors are fully restored to a new and durable shine.  We are industry leaders in commercial floor care, and we will ensure that yours is done right.   Give us a call TODAY (403-464-4049) for a FREE QUOTE or CONSULTATION!