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Study Says Hiring a Maid Service Can Make You Happier

Maid service in Calgary

A recent study suggests that you can buy happiness after all, especially if you're using your money to make time saving purchases like hiring a maid service. See why buying yourself more free time is a wise choice.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School surveyed more than 6,000 adults from Canada, the United States, Denmark and the Netherlands. They found that people who outsourced tasks they don't like reported greater life satisfaction.

On the other hand, even though having someone else clean your house can make you happier, you may be resisting the idea. Researchers found that only 2% of people would use an unexpected windfall to buy such services rather than material goods.

Obviously, many of us feel like we're being lazy if we skip certain chores or we create expectations that we have to do a task just because we’re capable of doing it ourselves. Instead, why not focus on spending your money in a way that gives you the most rewards? There's nothing lazy or irresponsible about having a maid service if it gives you time for activities you value more like playing with your children, continuing your education, volunteering in your community, developing your hobbies, or just giving yourself the down time you need to manage stress and safeguard your health.

If you've been thinking about a maid service but holding yourself back, go ahead and start making yourself happier and more fulfilled today. Calgary Trusted Cleaners is the solution to all your residential and commercial cleaning needs. Contact us for a quote today.

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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company

Hiring a maid service

Maybe you're working more than the average 40 hours a week. On top of that, you have a family that you want to spend quality time with or hobbies that take up the rest of your free time.

Whatever the reasons, it’s understandable if you find yourself having less and less time to focus on house cleaning. If you’re considering hiring a professional cleaning company, here are the top 5 benefits why you should:

1.     Experience

Many of us don’t have the training to clean a home with the same degree of expertise as a professional would. They know all the secrets, tricks and techniques.

And one of the biggest benefits of hiring experts in residential cleaning is that they bring with them the right products and equipment. If you were to do the cleaning yourself, not only will you most likely not do the job as well as a professional, but you’d have to purchase all the products and tools to get the work done right.

2.     Scheduled Cleaning

One of the reasons why we have a hard time getting around to cleaning our homes is because it’s difficult to squeeze it into our busy schedules. When you hire professional cleaners, you can schedule your home cleaning anytime you want and on a regular basis too.

3.     More Time for You

You work hard because you want the best of life. You want to spend more time with the people that mean the most to you. Maybe you’ve taken up a new hobby or want to focus more on work. Cleaning a home takes time. And because it may not be something you’re trained to do, it might take you twice the amount of time to clean than a professional would.

When you think about how much time it takes to clean your home, have you considered that a professional cleaning company could probably get it done a fraction of the time it would take you?

4.     Less Work for You

There’s no shame in admitting that you’d rather avoid tiring yourself out. Between work and your other responsibilities, you’re probably exhausted. By hiring professional cleaners, you can reserve your energy for the other more important things you need it for.

5.     Consistency

Your home will not only be consistently clean if you choose a regular cleaning schedule but the quality of the cleaning will be consistent too. You’ll get a thorough clean every time and on time. 

Because we may find ourselves squeezing in cleans only when our schedules allow, we might do a full clean one week but not the next. And before we know it, dust, dirt, and mold start to build up.

Ultimately, whatever your reason is to hire a professional cleaning company, you’ll save yourself time and energy and enjoy a home that is consistently clean.  At Calgary Trusted Cleaners we offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning services today so call us to take advantage of these amazing life enhancing benefits.

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