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We provide top level cleaning services in Calgary to Businesses and home owners , because your business & home deserves the best!

Calgary Trusted Cleaners is one of Calgary’s largest locally owned and operated Residential &Commercial Cleaning Companies.  We provide Commercial Cleaning Services to all areas in Calgary and we offer Commercial Cleaning in all business categories and industries.  We clean large big box stores, restaurants, offices, shopping malls, Condo buildings, gyms/health clubs, and recreation centers to name a few.

We offer residential cleaning services to Calgary and all surrounding areas.  We specialize in regular cleaning services, deep cleaning services and move in/move out cleaning services for our residential clients.

For more detailed cleaning we have a fleet of carpet cleaning providers in Calgary.  We offer both residential carpet cleaning as well as commercial carpet cleaning, office carpet cleaning and business carpet cleaning services.  We provide some of the industries best window cleaning services available.  We perform residential window cleaning, commercial window cleaning, business window cleaning and office window cleaning.  In the spring and summer as well as year round we provide eaves trough cleaning.  The categories for eaves troughs are residential eaves trough cleaning, commercial eaves trough cleaning, and condo eaves trough cleaning.  For all types of clients we do specialize in pressure washing and can clean any hard surface of any built up dirt and debris for you.  We have residential pressure washing and commercial pressure washing services.

In Calgary many business owners and home owners often renovate their spaces so we offer industry standard post construction cleaning services.  We cover all areas and types of Calgary post construction cleaning.  To help maintain your home we provide furnace duct and dryer vent cleaning.  These services are a part of regular home maintenance

We have an entire division dedicated to commercial cleaning / office cleaning / business cleaning.  We clean large and small spaces, none are too big or too small.

We pride ourselves greatly on our strip seal and waxing / strip seal and wax services for commercial and business clients.  We do an amazing job and will make your floors shine.

We are proud to also offer Asbestos removal and Asbestos abatement

Cleaning Services Calgary


Residential Cleaning / Move In Move Out Cleaning

We offer complete residential cleaning services in Calgary and surrounding areas from small apartments to big homes.  We have bi-weekly Cleaning Services, Deep Cleaning Services, Spring Cleaning Services and Move in/Move out Cleaning Services.

Commercial Cleaning / Business Cleaning

We provide commercial cleaning services in Calgary and southern Alberta.  Our commercial cleaning services include: restaurant cleaning, franchise cleaning, office cleaning, shopping mall cleaning, small business cleaning and bank cleaning services.

Window Cleaning

Calgary Trusted Cleaners provides residential window cleaning services, commercial window cleaning services,  business window cleaning services, office cleaning services and high-rise window cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning

Get your carpet professionally cleaned by our trained staff with the latest technology and equipment.  Calgary Trusted Cleaners provides commercial carpet cleaning Services, business carpet cleaning services, office carpet cleaning services and residential carpet cleaning services.


Eaves Trough Cleaning / Gutter Cleaning

 Cleaning your eaves troughs twice per year will keep your gutters clear throughout and gives you peace of mind.  Calgary Trusted Cleaners provides reliable and professional commercial eaves trough cleaning, Condo eaves trough cleaning, business eaves trough cleaning, office eaves trough cleaning and residential eaves trough cleaning.

Pressure Washing

Calgary Trusted Cleaners provides reliable pressure washing services in Calgary and southern Alberta.  We will come out and provide residential pressure washing services, commercial pressure washing services and business pressure washing services. 

Post-Construction Cleaning

Calgary Trusted Services are the top choice in Calgary for reliable and complete post construction cleaning services.  We provide commercial post construction cleaning, tenant improvement post construction cleaning, renovation post construction cleaning.

Furnace Cleaning/Furnace Duct Cleaning

We provide residential furnace duct cleaning, commercial furnace duct cleaning, business furnace duct cleaning and condo furnace duct cleaning.  Calgary Trusted Cleaners provide dryer vent cleaning to home and condo’s.

Asbestos Removal/Asbestos Abatement

We have years of experience cleaning both commercial and residential spaces of Asbestos and work in accordance with Alberta Occupational health and safety standards.

Strip Seal and Wax Services

We are pleased to provide service to any floor that needs to be stripped and waxed.  Our professional service using only the highest quality stripper, wax, auto scrubbers, wax mops and equipment allows us to be the industries leaders in floor care.

Residential Snow Removal

Calgary Trusted Cleaners provides reliable, quick and fast snow removal service in Calgary and southern Alberta. We use latest equipment for removal of snow from your residential area.

Commercial Snow Removal

Calgary Trusted Cleaners provides reliable, quick and fast snow removal service in Calgary and southern Alberta. We use latest equipment for removal of snow from your commercial area.

Our Services


Residential Cleaning Service

Calgary Trusted Services offers residential cleaning services in Calgary.  Our staff clean condo’s, small and large homes as well as estate homes.  We have reliable and  professional staff who are engaged and understand the needs and wants of our clients.  All staff are professional, bonded, have provided criminal record checks.  Our services include regular bi-weekly cleaning, deep cleaning services, spring cleaning services and move in/move out cleaning services.  You can call us directly, fill in a request form, email us, or book online now.


Commercial Cleaning Services

Calgary Trusted Cleaners provide commercial cleaning services in Calgary. We service all types of commercial buildings and provide you with first-class service. Our trained staff are ready to provide you with the best commercial building cleaning services. So whether its office cleaning, restaurant cleaning or business cleaning services we are we have the experience and responsive approach needed to earn and keep your business and trust.

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