Weekly and Bi-Weekly Cleaning

(Because cleaning is never done!)

Housekeeping Calgary

You may have noticed that your home or office looks wonderful after a professional cleaning service has done its magic.  You may have also noticed that in a matter of days or weeks….everything is dirty again!

At Calgary Trusted Cleaners, we offer customized regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning packages. Whatever your specific cleaning needs are, we are able to design a schedule that suits your home life or office routine. 

We sit down with you and develop a cleaning checklist to suit your needs.  Whether it is dusting (furniture, walls, corners, ceilings and fans), cleaning and sanitizing counter tops, showers, sinks, toilets, emptying waste baskets, cleaning microwaves, spot washing cupboards, washing floors, vacuuming rugs, we will create the list of all your cleaning wishes.  We clean mirrors, glass, baseboards, window ledges, stainless steel appliances, all with the best products to do the job right.

Our staff follow that checklist each time they come to clean, to ensure your space is sparkling and fresh.  And they are always on the lookout for extras to clean that you may have left off your list.

With Calgary Trusted Cleaners, we keep your home or space clean, all the time, with ongoing cleaning services.  Book it and forget it!

Call us today for a free quote!  Because you have better things to do.

Why you need us to clean your windows

Window Cleaning Calgary

When it comes to commercial window cleaning, training, technique, and trustworthiness are essential to getting your job done with excellence.

At Calgary Trusted Cleaners, our commercial window cleaning crews are experienced and well-trained to deal with a variety of commercial building challenges.  We use techniques that guarantee streak-free office windows, and you can trust we will do the job with the highest safety standards possible for our workers, and for your property. 

Commercial window cleaners are not all created equal.  Our crews combine skill, speed and safety so that your job is done quickly, safely, and with excellent results.

Calgary Trusted Cleaners crews are all fully insured, bonded, and bringgreat expertise toall kinds of commercial window cleaning jobs.  We know how to scope a project and bring the right equipment and the right approach to your commercial windows.

Call us now for a quote!  Find out how we live up to our name….Calgary Trusted Cleaners.

Move In / Move Out Cleaning

Move In / Move Out Cleaning

Life is short!  Let us do your Move In/ Move Out cleaning.  Moving is a stressful time, and there is cleaning to be done at both ends of the process.  At Calgary Trusted Cleaners, we have thorough check lists our staff use to make sure your Move In/ Move Out cleaning is done thoroughly and professionally.  Every nook and cranny.  We even clean the insides of appliances (yes, even the oven!).

Get Your Deposit Back!

If you are a renter, your landlord may have a Move Out checklist for you to follow.  We promise you, ours is more thorough.  We will exceed your landlord's expectations and  help you get your deposit back. Plus you'll know you have left your rental in great shape for the next tenants.

Let Us Do the "ICK"  Jobs

You don't want to move in to a new home and discover someone else's grime and grunge to clean.  We will do the "ick" jobs, in your new place, and we will clean the "ick" jobs you are leaving behind.  We have the best environmentally-friendly cleaning products, specific to each kind of cleaning job.  Whether it is layers of oven grease, hard to reach windows,  grimy blinds, or built up dirt and soap in shower door slides, we will find it and clean it thoroughly.   We disinfect all bathroom and kitchen surfaces, and leave every room sparkling and smelling fresh.

You do the boxes. We'll do the cleaning!

If you are about to embark on a move, call Calgary Trusted Cleaners, and let us take care of all your Move In/Move Out cleaning needs.  Spring is moving season so book now!