Calgary Maid Service

You and your kids have had a fun, relaxing summer, and now it's time to head back to school. Soon after-school activities will begin again and life will get busier and more stressful.

We want to help you simplify this hectic time. Here are four ways our residential cleaning services will help you and your family sparkle this school year.

1. Get a fresh start

Our seasonal cleaning services will let you start the school year off with a fresh, welcoming home. We clean every corner of your living space, even the insides of your appliances, to make sure your home is a refreshing and comfortable oasis to return to after a busy day. Just look at all the details we'll take care of for you.

2. Remove old stains and debris

Carpets collect stains, odors, pollen, pollutants, and dirt. Our carpet cleaning services will help you get rid of all that. We clean your carpets deeply and thoroughly to remove even ground-in dirt, so when your children are lounging with an after-school snack, you can be sure they aren't sitting or walking in last year's crumbs.

3.  Let the light in

Good lighting is essential for studying. Lighten up the interior of your home with our window cleaning services. Even as winter approaches, and the days begin to darken, your home will feel light and airy when your windows are sparkling clean.

4.  Simplify your routine

Your to-do list is already long enough. Give yourself a break, and make sure you have more time for homework help, as well as that relaxing soak in your spotless tub, by using our maid service. We'll clean every part of your home, and unlike your children, you wont have to nag us once.

With all the work you do to keep your children happy and well-educated, you deserve the help we can provide you. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make this the best school year yet.